Friday, April 02, 1999

Calling Citizens - Public Hearing - Come to City Council Chambers on Wed. April 7, 2 pm

The Citizens fo Pittsburgh have put forth a petition to City Council for a public hearing concerning the sale of land by the URA to UPMC for a football compound at the LTV site. Your input, ideas and appearance in City Council chambers are welcomed. Council members do understand these happenings, yet nudging is needed.

Fatal flaws loom large within this planned development.

1. These 'state-of-the-art" fields -- to be locked, fenced, lighted, and closed for all times to community use -- are in the flood plain and are only 80-yards in length.

2. The NCAA won't allow college athletes to share the same facilities at the same time with professionals. Both the Steelers and the Panthers (football) won't be able to move into this facility.

3. Prior planning efforts called for "flex-office space" and a "diversity of jobs" -- not secluded football fields and not high-grade medical offices.

4. The corporate welfare in the shadows of Plan B needs to end here and now.

UPMC's plans don't fit and are not fair. We can do better with this space, and we demand it. City Council can move to curb Pitt's disregard for balance in our communities. City Council can put the URA on notice that the needs of citizens outshine corporate greed. Please fight against the pervasive "done-deal mentality" and help with calls, buzz and political presence.

See a position paper: http://www.SportSurf.Net/backyard

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Voice # 412-
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This was the contents of a half-page handbill organized, published and delivered about by Mark Rauterkus.

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