Tuesday, September 12, 2000

Pirates vs. St. Louis Cardinas at Three Rivers Stadium

The B.I.G. League program got a bunch of tickets to the Pirate game. All the kids and coaches went onto the field. It was fun.

We walked onto the field from the opening in the wall in Center Field. This was just prior to the start of the game. On the field there was a little award time where the winners of the Mayor's Cup for baseball and softball got trophies.

Then came the singing of the National Anthem. Then we scooted up to the stands.

As the group of players and adults from the city walked onto the field, it made for quite a sight. I imagine that there were about 300 or so of us there. And, it felt like there were more of us than there were fans in all of the stands. Hardly anyone was at the game.

We stayed for most of the game and then left before it was over as it was a school night.

This was a treat.

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