Wednesday, March 31, 2004

perspectives on Dr. T -- PPS & Rec

When asked about Dr. John T of Pgh Public Schools and this Cooperation Crisis and Recreation.
Are his intentions are good?

I believe he does care about the children and he certainly would be on the side of getting the pools open and perhaps utilizing the current pools within PPS more wisely. Agree?

He is without follow through in terms of sports team oversight and athletics. I think he fumbles all afterschool efforts. He has other things to do and this isn't getting done.

He isn't going to buck the unions and make more work for himself, the staffers nor perhaps cost the district any money.

But, I tried to tell him that the foundation folks might put $2, $3, $4 million on the table. He should snap up some of that for these efforts. A band-aid on a band-aid is no fix at all. The Citiparks pools are held together by a band-aid. And the only thing worse is the plan behind the

Schools would not be sun-bathing centers -- but places for teams, coaching, conditioning, and real learning to occur.

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