Thursday, September 26, 2002

Notice of the open swim coaching position at D.U. was seen

A friend from Illinois, and then from Michgan, sent me this email.
Subject: Check out Duquesne University Men's Swimming - Official Athletic Site
Hey Mark,

It lterally showed up this morning. I check most swim sites daily. I hope that it pans out for you. I checked out the Duquesne Mens web site and it appears the coach had been there for 16 years with moderate success. They split the mens/womens coaching duties 3 years ago and have about 15 male swimmers including 3 freshmen on scholarship. The team includes swimmers from around the USA as well as Canada.

I truly hope that this works out for you as it appears to be the kind of team that would benefit from your experience and passion.

Keep me informed.


Al Ledgin

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