Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Did you see the Photos of the Day that featured water polo play in The Hill District at Ammon Swim Pool?

In case you missed it, you can check out the Post-Gazette's Photo of the Day feature from Wednesday, August 15, 2011.


It has been great to have some open water polo practices at Ammon Swim Pool, a Citiparks facility.

Kids (mostly) play from 11 am to 12:30 this week, Monday to Friday, ending on August 17, 2011.

Adults are going to try to get one more game in, pick-up style, on Thursday night, tonight, from 6:30 to 8. High school and college kids are most welcome to join us too. And youngsters as well. The pool is open. Kids can come to the shallow end, of course. There is plenty of water.

My invite email:

Hi Fellow South Side Pops, (plus a few other hand-picked friends via BCC)

Let's give this one more try while the catfish are jumping and summer
has yet to fade --- WATER POLO, in pick-up, community style, but with
regulation, floating goals.

Ammon Rec Center has an nice outdoor swim pool. It is with plenty of
shallow and deep water. We'll play in 4 foot, again. So, swim ability
is NOT a real big factor. Bring the kids, as they can kick around in
the shallow end as the pool will be OPEN to the public.

Pay $3 for kids and $4 if over 16 at the gate, if you do NOT have a
Citiparks, annual, pool tag.

Invite everyone and anyone, as we can have bigger squads or else subs.

Patrick, a fellow SS Pop, played goalie in Romania as a kid. He is
something to watch and try to score upon, if he isn't on YOUR team.
Some of lifeguards have stayed to play if their shift(s) are over as
it is so much fun.

Easy parking right by the pool on the street.

To get to Ammon from the South Side, cross the Birmingham Bridge and
go STRAIGHT up, (not to Oakland nor Downtown). Follow Kirtpatrick
Street until it ends, at Bedford, at the corner of the pool. The Josh
Gibson baseball field is behind the pool. Bedford Ave also goes next
to the Civic Arena from Downtown. Go about 6 blocks to the pool at the
top of The Hill. If you bike, it is a steep hill.

My kids are out of town, so we really need a dozen guys (and gals) to
make it 'fun.' The pool closes in a few days, so this will be our last
attempt until I get a school pool made available. Don't hold your
breath for that to happen, sadly. But that's another email for another

FWIW, Wednesday's P-G has photos of the day and two of the images are
from yesterday's water polo practice with the kids. See image 5 and 6.

Earlier on Thursday, from 11 am to 12:30, a group of kids from North
Allegheny are going to venture to The Hill and play a game or two with
our kids. I'm still looking for players....

Thanks for the consideration. Come if you can. Bring the youngsters.
Last time was a blast. Right, Scott?????

Scott's reply:

Sorry to miss tolorrow's water polo action. I had a great time learning and playing last time and echo Mark's comments about Patrick. On one particular play he dove in one direction to knock back a hard shot. The rebound unfortunately went right back to the shooter who fired on a now empty goal only to see the submerged Patrick somehow rise like phoenix in the opposite direction, knock the ball down, then scoop it up and throw a perfect lead pass the length of the pool to Mark's son Grant who easily scored a breakaway goal on the overmatched opposing goalie, no Patrick he.

Have fun and do let me know when there's another chance to play.

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