Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Fw: Email Congress Today to Put Limits on Federal Bureaucrats

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From: Dave Nalle <>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2011 11:54:16 -0800
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Subject: Email Congress Today to Put Limits on Federal Bureaucrats

The REINS Act (HR10/S299) is up for debate in the House today and in the Senate next week. Sponsored by Representative Geoff Davis (R-KY) and Senator Rand Paul (RLC-KY), this act will require federal agencies to submit any regulation which would have an annual impact of $100 million or more for a vote of approval by Congress.

The REINS Act would have a big impact in limiting the power of Federal bureaucracies like the EPA and Department of Energy by stopping them from using rules and regulations which have not been passed by Congress to interfere with commerce and impose huge costs and economic burdens on states and businesses.

While we believe that the threshold of harm set in the act is probably too high, this is a good start towards limiting the power of the Federal bureaucracy and stimulating job growth and the economy at no cost and a likely substantial benefit to taxpayers.

Please take a moment today to email your Representative and Senators today and urge them to vote in support of the REINS Act. You can email them with the convenient form

Keep fighting for liberty!


Dave Nalle

Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus

P.S.: You can also watch today's debate of this act on C-SPAN starting at 1:30pm or online at C-SPAN.

P.P.S: If you're as concerned as I am about the direction our country is going and want to change our government by electing Republicans who value liberty and won't sell out our rights in the name of security, please take this opportunity to donate to the RLC or at least renew your membership.

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