Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Independence Day

Hi All,

All are invited to our open house on the South Side on the 4th of July. Low key. We visit. Chip in with some snacks if you wish. At 6 pm we play in the park at 12th Street and Sarah. Expect some basketball this year, for sure. At 7pm we gather and drink some lemon-aid. Sit on the deck. Watch fireworks. Socialize with some Ph.D. students and friends from all around. 

Our other standing party is New Years Day, just after the Polar Bear Swim. Put that into your calendar now. Memories of being so cold can really help as it heats up in weeks like this. 

In other news, our oldest, Erik, PA's Youth Governor, won't be here on the 4th as he is in North Carolina at the North American Congress leading the PA delegation. His bill about Title IX is advancing in the process.

Grant is gearing up as a water polo tiger that can change its stripes -- flipping from playing with the North Allegheny Tigers to Princeton Tigers for a 14-under boys squad that will go to the JOs in California at the end of the month. He'll take a second training trip to Princeton, NJ, next week. 

This summer I can use some assistance with our PPS Summer Dreamers Swim and Water Polo Camp. 

+ I'm still looking for more used trophies. I hope to recycle them to some of the 100 middle school kids I'll be coaching for 5 weeks. 

+ We're going to be running 1-mile each way from the school to the pool and back -- twice a day with four squads. Join us on a jog in Pgh's Hill District. On August 17, we do the Libery 1 Mile Race, http://LibertyMile.org. (recently hacked)

+ I think Pittsburgh can give every 7-year-old child a swim team experience, gratis, if we tried. I blog about some of the benefits: http://rauterkus.blogspot.com/2012/06/winning-swimming-rookie-camp-position.html

+ My next big idea has to do with "mobile apps." I'm wrapping up a "kwel" technology project, some software that will help our swim staff take attendance and chart progress with the kids at the summer camp. But this can expand into tech literacy for kids ages 13 to 18. So, if you think you might want your own "app"  -- send me a note and we'll talk about this possible venture. 

PS: Prayers and thoughts to all for getting well and staying safe -- especially to our parents. Not good when more are in the hospital than out. 

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