Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Good bye Steven Adams, an ex-Pitt basketball player departing after his freshman season

My Facebook posting in the wake of the news that Adams is departing Pitt.

There is more than one professional basketball league in this world. Perhaps he is not ready for the NBA. But, it sounds as if he is ready for a pay check. That money for student athletes is something that the NCAA does not allow -- yet -- still. And just getting to campus from New Zealand has got to be very costly. Good Luck Kiwi! Send us some others. Now let's get these players some pocket change from those NCAA TV contracts so that they are not slaves to million dollar coaches and spoiled ADs (Athletic Directors) who are known to pitch a fit against young kids.

That last mention goes to the situation at Rutgers University, a soon to be Big 10 program in New Jersey that tolerated a men's basketball coach until the video was leaked. The AD there should be fired too.

In other news, Ware gets a t-shirt.

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