Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fwd: NEWS RELEASE: County Councilman Matt Drozd changed his party affiliation and outlines some serious concerns about extremely misleading and negative campaigning

Matt Drozd is fighting back after being a target of serious mud slinging in a primary for retaining his seat in Allegheny County Council. 

If nothing else, this proves that there are different wings of the R party too. Well, to be sure, his tenure as an R is ended.

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From: Matthew Drozd <>
Date: Fri, May 24, 2013 at 11:42 PM
Subject: NEWS RELEASE: County Councilman Matt Drozd changed his party affiliation and outlines some serious concerns about extremely misleading and negative campaigning

At a news conference today, County Councilman Matt Drozd announced that he has switched his party affiliation to Independent and called upon the Chairman of the Allegheny County Republican Party to resign his chairmanship, and asked the voters to reject three Republican legislators when they are next up for re-election. He also urged his constituents not to vote for his opponent in the Primary, Mr. Baker, who perpetrated false statements that are absolutely not true. Mr. Roddy and the three legislators (see attached endorsement letter which bear the names of Mr. Roddy, Mr. Vulakovich, Mr. Mustio, and Mr. English) continued to support and then endorse Mr. Baker after he made these false accusations.  By not speaking up against such false accusations after the brochures were mailed and continuing to endorse the councilman's opponent, they must also accept the responsibility for condoning his actions….especially as they know all too well that local elected officials did not vote on Obamacare.  These false accusations misled many voters into casting their votes for Mr. Baker.  

The Councilman asked "How can we trust candidates for office and elected officials who convey and endorse untruthful information when either holding an office or running for an office. It is our responsibility to elect and re-elect people who tell us the truth and hold integrity above all else. Those that do not subscribe to a high standard of integrity should not receive or deserve our vote of confidence and should either resign or be voted out of office."

Several times the County Councilman's opponent mailed false brochures (see attached) that claimed Mr. Drozd voted yes to Obamacare when the truth was the County Councilman actually joined other county council members in a bipartisan manner to support a motion to restore monies to disabled and adult Pennsylvanians. In essence, the Councilman simply backed bipartisan legislation that opposed an initiative to end adultBasic.  A letter from County Council President Charles Martoni (also attached) which proves that County Councilman Matt Drozd never voted yes to…..or ever endorsed Obamacare . The truth is that the action of county council was actually in response to the state raiding monies set aside in the cigarette tax pool of money and diverting it to their budget.

The Councilman is letting this be known and changing his Party affiliation not because of the results of his election, but because he is taking a stance on behalf of his constituents who were misled when they cast their votes…….and please note that the Councilman has always put his constituents before party politics.

For further information or to speak with Matt Drozd, you can contact him at 412-364-1600  In the meantime, please pass this on to others so that the electorate are better informed to not vote for these individuals ever again



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