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Fwd: Terry Laughlin (Founder of Total Immersion) Live Event

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This Thursday (September 5th) at 7 pm EST, 4 pm PST, I am hosting a live Google Hangout (Webinar) with Terry Laughlin, the founder of Total Immersion.
The subject of the live Google Hangout is "The Only Swimming Goal You Will Ever Need"
Steel City Endurance is sponsoring the webinar with Total Immersion to give you access to this information from the world's top adult swimming coach.  As a consultant to Total Immersion in the role of Director of Coach Education, I am excited to help you learn some of what Terry has teaches his coaches.
This training clinic includes a live video presentation followed by real-time Q&A with myself and TI Founder Terry Laughlin.
In this special Live Event, the Total Immersion Team will share with you these FIVE things:
1) Your constant swimming goal should always be to Improve your Swimming. Not to get the yards in. Not to get your HR up. To Improve Your Swimming--optimally in specific and measurable ways.
2) WHY Improve -- What are the benefits of an orientation to improve. Not only in swimming, but in all fields of endeavor.
3) WHAT to Improve - Energy Efficiency via Aquatic Technique using the BSP Pyramid
4) HOW to Improve - i) Make it your explicit goal in every practice session to leave the water a better swimmer than you entered it.; ii) Create feedback loops (like Computrainer for cycling) that tell you whether your efforts are on-track; iii) Focus on weak points and strive to balance task difficulty with current skill level
5) How an improvement focus will benefit your cycling, running, triathlon, mental health . . . life!
** At the end of the Webinar, Terry is going to release a free video series called "7 Lessons on Freestyle swimming", which is an introduction to his philosophy on swimming and its impact on your life.
***  By registering for this live Hangout, you will qualify to receive exclusive equipment discounts on equipment from the sponsors Endurance Films and Finis Tempo Trainers.

About Terry Laughlin:

Terry Laughlin was featured in the NY Times Bestselling books "Four Hour Body" for the simplicity and effectiveness of the TI approach to swim training.
Author Timothy Ferriss considered Terry Laughlin's approach to swimming so revolutionary that he decided to feature the TI Swimming technique prominently as a metaphor for "Meta Learning" in his follow-up best seller, "Four Hour Chef."
Don't miss this great opportunity to meet a premier swimming coach, whose organization has taught more adults how to swim than any other organization or method in the world.

Be sure to mark your calendar for this Thursday, September 5th at 7 pm EST (4 pm PST) for our first live Google+ Hangout.

Warm Regards,
Suzanne Atkinson, MD
Founder & Head Coach, Steel City Endurance, LTD
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