Tuesday, October 15, 2013

City Government and Public Schools interaction

Funny to hear City Councilman Bruce Kraus ramble about PARKING as we were talking about kids and schools. He did so to make the weak point that City Council works hard (meanwhile most were absent) and tackles big issues ($200M parking in one time sell off) -- yet schools are about a zillion times more important and even operate with a larger budget than the city's.

Grant Street (City Hall) has a role to play. But golly, we don't have another generation or day to squander while we listen to how the "elders" walked to school in snow, uphill, blah-blah-blah.

Sadly, salvation won't come from council members. Another point, Mrs. D. Harris helped accelerate the downward spiral while she was on the PPS board.

They care. But, do they have much in terms of capacity for changes in this struggle is something to wonder about.

One-on-one, with one issue each, might yield some better results with those local politicians.

Crossing guards, police, security for 1 person.

Empty buildings, rehab, resale, for 1 other council member.

State support with Chelsa Wagner, perhaps.

Transportation costs, busing, integration, PAT/yellow bus issues, to another, perhaps Rev Burgess.

Yinzercation Blog about Moratorium on closing schools

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