Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grew out of thinking gets a thumbs down from me.

Is there a bias based upon "grew-out-of" thinking?

Example: I hope to coach in a similar manner with fairness and open opportunities given, for example, three kids: One that 'grew out of' single parent home. Two, a kid from a home with 2 moms. Three, a background with one dad and one mom. All get equal treatment, regardless where they grew out of.

Where things 'grew-out-of" is part of history, part of the past, part of its legacy.

I don't like to see the venom (I don't see it here. We're just talking about it.) heaped upon charter schools because of a perception, (and perhaps a reality) of how they came into today's landscape. Its politics and its part of life. No doubt, the anti-union sector has pushed for charters and it is but a small tug in the efforts to educate our kids and make schools better, IMHO.

I think the school board at Pittsburgh Public Schools should grant permission to allow for an expansion of the Environmental Charter School in the east side of the city.

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