Saturday, August 09, 2014

B.F. Water Polo. You heard it here first. Bottom Friendly Water Polo.

Any Trademark Attorney want to pick up a cause pro bono?

I think this could have legs. Pun intended.

BF Water Polo makes it okay to stand on the bottom with the ball. It is okay to swim too. And, it is faster to swim. But, when you get the ball, stand up. The jumping off the bottom element is something to consider, but the verdict is still out on that.

We've been playing water polo in the shallow water. Then those who are not such great swimmers and those without the fitness to play deep pool water polo can join along. I've called this "Community Water Polo" but it needs a better name. Community water polo is legal water polo but in a co-ed style and without the crashing into the other players that can unfold in real water polo. But around here, our pools are often with both a deep-end and shallow-end, so we get to be on the bottoms more at certain times.

B.F. Water Polo is well suited for kids. But, adults can play too.

B.F. Water Polo could be a great activity for Pittsburgh Sports League, PSL. They host kickball leagues. Why not B.F. Water Polo evenings, leagues, teams, clinics and end of season tournaments?

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