Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Concerning my endorsement from Councilmember Bruce Kraus: Think moon beam or wave on the water more than "ray" of positive energy

On Facebook's South Side Secrets, I got an endorsement. Here is the play by play, without the lamination.

  • Bruce A. Kraus We (I, my office, others) worked with Forest City Enterprises over a two year period to ensure that through a measured, steady approach that we would work toward the non-renewal of leases @ Whim and Saddle Ridge resulting in their closure.
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  • Mark Rauterkus Figures. Who gets credit for closing The Cheese Cellar, Woodson's, Isaly's and the wrath of the Clark Bar? Wasn't that Jim Roddey's handywork?
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  • Bruce A. Kraus Always such a ray of positive energy you are Mr. Rauterkus.
  • Mark Rauterkus Thanks for the kind words, Bruce. For the record, I feel more comfortable taking credit for being positive energy as in a moon beam or a wave that ripples on the water and not a "ray." Rays are so STAR WARS powerful N@. Think recycled electrons instead. Now to print, laminate and cherish the endorsement.

In other news from Facebook in case you misseed it, after the baseball game....

Hey @billpeduto Let me guess... this game is my fault too.... Just like everything else right?? ‪#‎wewonlastyear‬ ‪#‎stopraisingtaxes‬

That was from Luke Ravenstahl.

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