Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Playing Well With Others Matters Greatly

KDKA Talk Show Host, Marty Griffin, points out that there have been 58 homicides in Pittsburgh this year in the city. Of those, 52 are "black on black." He asks, "Who is responsible?"

My reply on his FB wall:

Theme: We must do a better job of teaching our children how to play well with others. There are social skills that come from various settings that are often learned at formative ages that are important to individuals and the larger society. Sadly, much of these lessons are not being taught to a wide sector of our kids who are in urban areas. What goes on in our city schools in terms of sports, orchestras, and other higher level, fun, life-long, full on, year-round activities are poor, frail and UNLIKE what happens in most suburban settings. How to act, behave, wellness and relationships all matter greatly. And these are skills that need to be taught, practiced, rehearsed, challenged and supported / rewarded. It is a competitive world. Some don't have a fighting chance, so I'm not surprised when a fight breaks out on the field at the end of a Westinghouse / Perry football game.

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