Saturday, April 16, 2016

Neoliberalism in two articles

Email with links sent from John H.
Finally an excellent article on neoliberalism has been published in a mainstream newspaper. Unfortunately it had to be by a British journalist in a British newspaper. This sort of journalism is simply not permitted in this country unless the person writing it has his/her own blog or knows someone who does – and there are some very good ones out there but they simply don’t have the reach of mainstream media which primarily serves to entertain and anesthetize the American public with mindless drivel while intoxicating us with fear. As long as we’re afraid, we won’t bother to ask tough questions of our leaders nor, in most cases, tolerate those who do. It is so important for people to come to understand the kind of quasi-totalitarian system the U.S. has evolved into since 1980, but it is also important to understand that the U.S. has almost never been a humble and virtuous “knight” in the freedom, justice and the “American Way”. This nation has been a serial exploiter of third-world nations since at least the Spanish-American War, and little has changed since beyond the scope and frequency of our imperialist wars and plots. It is long past time for the American taxpayers (and you know who you are and who is not) paying for these atrocities and the profits for those who impose them to rise up and demand that it stop and stop now.

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