Thursday, October 13, 2016

Who's really supporting Donald Trump

John posted to me and others:

I urge everyone to read the attached ARTICLE from The Guardian newspaper as it is both timely and, I believe, very important if we are to come to grips with who we as a people really are.

The author examines just who the Trump supporters really are; and, at the same time, excoriating main stream media both for its failure to identify the breadth of Trump’s support and claiming it is comprised mainly of poor “white trash” uneducated folk who just aren’t smart enough to see what’s really at stake in the election. The article supports my belief that much of his support is coming from middle and upper-middle class mainly white folks with a rather different perspective on the state of the nation as well as a very different viewpoint on how things should be run. It also discusses the fact that many more elements of society were and still are impacted by the financial crisis than is commonly reported or believed. One of the most important elements addressed in the article is who really is racist in our society and how this is not the subject of media coverage. This is not a trivial point and should be examined in greater depth than is offered when filtered through the biases which dominate main stream media.

John H.


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