Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Fwd: Update and a Request!

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From: Martin 

Hey everybody!

I wanted to let you all know that settling into medical school in Erie has gone splendidly. I love being close enough to pop down to cranberry and seeing my family more frequently, and I'm learning tons of super interesting anatomy at school. I do miss the mountains and volleyball from Denver area, but it's been a happy transition nonetheless.

Last year in Denver I worked for an AmeriCorps program called City Year. I primarily worked in a 7th grade classroom as a near-peer mentor / tutor / coach, serving a population of largely underprivileged, mostly Hispanic families and children. My school was in it's second year of existence (now third), founded on the principle of developing our students into successful learners and leaders. Feel free to ask me more about it by email or next time we see each other!

The kiddos were undoubtedly a handful at times, but I saw echoes of my own middle school experience while helping them through theirs. I helped my partner teacher, Celine Wuarin, organize the beginnings of a field trip for the students to help them gain perspective on their community and world. Field trips were highlights of my time in middle school, and we unfortunately didn't have the budget to provide many similar opportunities last year. This trip is going to be a huge eye-opener for the students that attend, a completely off-the-grid excursion to Southern Arizona to learn how to live sustainably and work within local communities to make positive changes happen. 

My request is this: would you consider donating to support making this field trip a reality for these students? The kids have been fundraising non-stop since I left them in May, but any additional support would mean the world to them. I've included a link for a GoFundMe site that you can donate to, and there's a lot more information about what they'll be doing in that website too! And a video with my old homeroom students!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at this address or ask next time we cross paths! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! :)


p.s. feel free to pass that link along to anyone you know who might be looking for a meaningful donation opportunity, especially with the holidays just around the corner!! 

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