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Fwd: Gary Kanter posted on the Celebrating the Life of Anne Feeney discussion board

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Gary just posted a note on the Celebrating the Life of Anne Feeney discussion board:

As a newly-oradined host, Anne was one of my very first interviews on "We Do The Work", our weekly half-hour labor radio program originating from the Skagit Valley in northwestern Washington state. I had met her a couple times during her various tours through the region...and even performed at a Tacoma-based fundraiser to assist with her medical fees. More recently, I shared a stage with her as we both performed to raise money for mutual friends who were enduring severe medical and financial days. I, of course, opened...well aware the audience was primed for Anne. I felt like Tiny Tim warming up the audience for Neil Young.

Anne was a great interview. All I really had to do was start a sentence with "tell me about _______" and sit back as she regaled me with stories of her family history in labor activism and her own path as a musician, songwriter, labor lawyer, and AFM local president. We discussed the brain condition that was supposed to have killed her years earlier...but like many of her other foes, didn't have the guts to confront her.

Of all the issues we discussed, the most compelling was the debate as to which of our fathers had been the oldest draftee in WWII. After all the math, her dad won the dubious title by a matter of months. It was only recently that I learned my dad had actually been born two years earlier. I never had the heart to publish the correction.

Theopening and closing theme of "We Do The Work", throughout its entire run, was Anne's version of John Fromer's great song of the same name. So, as we expanded our market to about eight states, more and more listeners were introduced to us by Anne's singing. She was heard more than any of the various hosts and commentators. The show, in a way, was an Anne Sandwich.

Due to Covid closing our studio and other issues, we decided to discontinue the show. We unanimously decided our final broadcast would be a rebroadcast of her interview. As it is wont to do do, fate added a major piece of irony to the event. Anne Feeney died within a day of that broadcast. Rest in Power, sister Anne!

Here is the link to the final broadcast of "We Do The Work" featuring the great Anne Feeney: https://beta.prx.org/stories/356389

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