Sunday, April 25, 2021

Running Mate -- John H -- has passed suddenly

Sad News from Bryce:

Some of you may already have heard and some of you may not have yet. Yesterday morning my Dad/ John suffered a heart attack and unfortunately, he passed away later that morning. I do not really know how to express to you the void that his absence will leave for me and my family. I like you over the years have become accustomed to his informative emails and articles. This seemingly never-ending flow of information that he was carefully curating to keep those of us who he knew and cared for informed was at times overwhelming. I know I did not get to nearly as many of the articles as I should have.  To you all whom he sent these emails, I want to express my deep-felt gratitude for your part in his life.  I saw those emails as an expression of the love he felt for all of you and his desire for a more just and equitable world.  He was an idealist who often struggled with the inequity that is present in the system and the complacency that exists as part of our collective society. I hope that you too felt the love that he gave as he shared his gloom and doom-laden missives. It was his idealism and principled discussion that gives me hope that while the world we inhabit is far from perfect there are always those like my Dad who will devote their energy to make the world a better place. I am reminded sitting here that he would often find the articles then take the time to reformat them so that they were more accessible to those of us who were not as devoted to the research as he was. Whether you agreed or disagreed with the content he presented, it was always with love and concern for the world he inhabited.

Information about funeral services will be available shortly at Beinhauer Funeral home

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