Saturday, April 03, 2021

Fwd: End of the Road

A sad post from a friend.

Many of his comments and emails have graced this blog -- as I consider him a real running mate.


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Date: Sat, Apr 3, 2021 at 2:15 PM
Subject: End of the Road
To: John Hemington <>

Well folks, here's the deal, I will no longer be sending out these political e-mails calling out establishment policies.  This morning I got hit upside the head with the news that my family believes that I am a loopy, loony-tune heading down a wormhole because my "extremist" politics are so far outside the mainstream.  Now, I do not agree with this assessment at all, but I am also convinced that if this is the way my own family feels then there is no hope and no real point in continuing to put in the effort to try and alert others to what is really happening out there in the world.  This tells me that the plutocrats and the corporate warmongers have won.  That humanity's time on this wonderful planet is not to persist much longer – certainly not for many more generations.  The way things are now trending with the current administration's foreign policy we could well see a catastrophic nuclear war in our own lifetime.  Should we somehow avoid that disaster, we will almost certainly not escape the catastrophe of climate change much sooner than scientists now predict.


Sadly, mainstream politics, whether the Democratic Party variety or the more bizarre Republican variety have no answers to any of the most serious problems facing humanity.  Nor are they even willing to willing to pretend to actually address them.  Furthermore, there is no hope in this country for a viable third-party to develop and prosper.  So, we are left with the endless nonsense of political Kabuki Theater of impossible corporate subsidy solutions that never address real issues while more and more people starve in the streets.  At the same time, this most powerful nation on earth creates almost daily holocausts in nations all around the globe in the name of protecting "human rights".  We are, whether we like to acknowledge it or not, an evil people. We allow our government, in the name of patriotism and corporate profit, to destroy the lives of millions of others, both here and abroad, without any serious concern or dissent.


These have been issues I have struggled with ever since I left the Army in 1970.  And contrary to my family's belief that my obsession is of recent origin.  It is not.  However, I just don't have the energy to keep this up in the face of so much apathy at home and among those "progressive" legislators I have supported financially and otherwise.  Legislators who have refused to use the power of their votes to push the establishment Democrats to really adopt progressive portions that they claimed to support in Biden's campaign in much the same way as the conservative Democrats have used their votes to quash progressive ideas for years.  It is all very demoralizing and I am not willing to continue the battle from here on out.  This is not what I had hoped to be saying today, but my mental health and family health must take precedence over my political desires.





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