Monday, February 01, 1993

Modest Expansion of Plum's Aquatics Program with Heach Coach Leaderships

Page 9 -- reprinted

Further Explanation:

Why These Activities?

The aquatic environment is a fantastic setting to exercise and learn about health, tewamwork and kinetic senses. Since the first priority of the pool, swimming lessons, is generally covered, let's enhance further learning activities. Water polo and aquatic games are fresh, new, dynamic areas that have not been tried locally in the past.

Water Polo is an excellent Olympic Sport, played in the pool with boys, girls, men and women.

New Games Clinics are action packed, moveent oriented and teach both cooperation and competition to engaged, thinking and fitness-striving participants.

the combination of water polo and new games clinics will serve as a valid test area to Mark's overall plan of increased usage and programming based upon challenging, learning opportunities.

More Reasons for Water Polo and New Games Clinics:

Our water polo and underwater hockey teams can succeed early and beecome the best around with modest improvements.

A literacy component can be built into these activities.

We should play polo because we have already purchased the goals and getting a few more balls and hats are quite inexpensive items. (The school owned the goal. The goals were in storage and not ever used since the pool was built.) (The polo hats were purchased by myself, personally. I still have them.)

Water polo, underwater hockey and fin swimming have international status with cross-cultural events.

Mark wants to have fun when he is at the pool too.

These activities can succeed with a larger base of participants and a smaller staff, making the supervision costs easier to recover from the user fees.

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