Tuesday, February 02, 1993

Plum will experiement with pater polo team

OLD NEWS to be inserted into this blog for the sake of HISTORY!
By Michelle Kanche, Tri-State Sports & News Service

A unamimous school board vote has given Plum High School the go-ahead for the school's first water polo team and aquatics game program.

The program will have a trial period, which will run from March 15 - Aug 1. At the end of that time, a full report and evaluation will be presented to the board. The report will describe the program's acceptance in the community and future feasibility.

"The success of this program will depend on the right communication," said Plum superintendent John Cummings. "If it turns out to be a wholesome experience, the committee will look at it favorably for the future."

The program has been coordinated to make it possible for a wide variety of players to participate.

Co-ed sessions for adults, college students, high school students are scheduled.

"The creation of the water polo program does not mean that we'll be fielding a varsity team next year," said Mark Rauterkus, Plum's head swim coach and coordinator of the water polo team. "But if this trial period generates enough interest on the high school level, then I hope it will increase the probability of that happening in the future."

Penn-Trafford head swim coach Dave Babbick is interested in seeing Plum get its water polo program started. Last December, the P-T swim team visited Plum for a joint practice and water polo scrimmage to complement their swimming schedules. Plum hopes to coordinate some exhibition matches this year throughout the state.

In order to help raise money for the program, Rauterkus will conduct a Sports Lecture Seris. Modest admission charges to hear lectures will generate money for the student-activitie fund, but will also allow for interaction with respected athletes and coaches with educational messages.

"You can sell candy bars, or you can teach kids important things," said Rauterkus. "Kids today need to see and hear from experts in the field."

Potential speakers, according to Rauterkus, include former USA Olympic water polo coach Monty Nitzkowski and Olympic gold medal-winning swimmers.
A handout had this extra text:

For futther information, please call of visit the Plum High School pool on Tuesday (HS & college students) or Thursday (adults) evening from 8:30 - 9:30 pm. The Plum HS is on the Orange Belt.

Call Mark Rauterkus.

Swimmers, old and young, fast and slow, male and female, needed for water polo fun. No prior experience preferred!

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