Friday, January 12, 2001

KDKA Poll and Shouting "FOUL"

Media Alert and Quotes

News Source: Mark Rauterkus
Participant, Mayor's Race, City of Pittsburgh, 2001, Republican

Campaign Headquarters: 108 South 12th Street,
Pittsburgh, (South Side) PA, 15203-1226 USA

Messages: 412-481-2497

Local Poll about the Mayor's Race by KDKA-TV News and Political Nightmares

Date: Jan. 12, 2001

With the primary election four month away and the heavyweight candidates still unannounced as official contenders in the race, Pittsburgh's media elite is releasing polling data.

Republican challenger, stay-at-home dad, Mark Rauterkus, is calling foul and ringing alarms.

The poll asked voters about two candidates. Neither are on the campaign trails yet. The real candidates who have been making appearances got ignored.

The poll only asked about Democrats. The legacy of the city should not spoil the opportunities for new candidates in elections months in advance.

Today's faulty polls present only one slant could provide reasons for debate exclusion in the future.

Poll result listings that are devoid of challengers make it nearly impossible for political newcomers to raise campaign funds.

The voters should not be asked to choose among the options before the candidates are introduced. Putting the cart before the horse isn't prudent.

The success of democracy depends upon the reaction of the people to the opportunities presented. The advance poll is a ploy to squash viable opposition candidates. The well of democracy and our civic interactions are tarnished by this advance poll.

Celebrity or Politics
Polls centered only upon celebrities are not political polls. A popular poll isn't fair to the process of citizen engagement in the election process.

Job Approval Ratings
Perhaps KDKA TV News should have done a job-approval poll of the existing mayor. Those polls would have been valuable throughout the course of the mayor's career.

Republicans and Democrats
A poll conducted on only one of the political parties is without balance. Republican questions needs to be included in future polling. More than one race is happening.

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