Tuesday, April 03, 2001

start the process rolling

From the website of: Mark Rauterkus
Mayor's Race Candidate

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Some Ideas to Ponder

Dear Neighbors of the South Side and Citizens with Interests in Phillips School,

Tonight, I'd love to start the process rolling where we could plan serious quality time together in the near future. In this Mayor's Race, very few opportunities have been afforded to the citizen-candidates. Our messages are not being covered by the watchdog journalists in town. And, on-the-trails conversations are getting trampled by heavyweight opponents who refuse to "debate."

If the process of the campaign is only that of a personality contest -- then we all are going to suffer into the future. Nobody wins. Our democratic landscape suffers. The success of democracy depends upon the reaction of the people to the opportunities presented.

This formal request goes beyond the School Board vote, also a very important matter. There is much to do in that endeavor as well, and I'll help there as well. But, my burden now centers upon the Mayor's Race.

Requested Action Items

Let's sponsor a serious, in-depth, forum for a full-fashioned policy address about education and public policy. I would love to have the podium to give a 45-minute address about what we as a community should do and focus upon.

The Republican opponent could also be involved to give his policy address too. It could be the same night, or afternoon, or else at a second night. So, I'd like to be "fair" in this treatment of the topic as there are plenty of great ideas that would flow between my opponent and myself.

The School-Board Members, as well as others in government, as well as others who are candidates could be engaged in this event as well. We could have minor roles for them to play in the event. They could ask questions. They could give shorter emphasis talks. They could meet and mingle with the audience. They could provide campaign literature.

The Republican Party in Pittsburgh, and this is more than 8,000 members, as well as the Republican Party in the County, could also be invited and play a role as to filling the audience, creating excitement. This would allow the school and the neighborhood to showcase itself to plenty of visitors.

A various media outlet, perhaps a Radio or TV station, perhaps a newspaper, could use the event as a way to promote and be engage in the community. This is possible, but we'd have to get the process started quickly. Perhaps PCNC Nightalk would be able to tape the event and play the highlights for others to see later. Perhaps there is a PC21 show that would want to have an exclusive access to the broadcast rights?

The school administrators, teachers and union workers from around the district should have more access and opportunity to get in-depth awareness from the various candidates and ideas.

The home-schooled population, the private school parents and teachers, as well as the other minor groups that exist in the greater community -- such as the charter school advocates -- should all have an opportunity to gather and mingle with neighbors and share ideas on various educational issues.

An event(s) that is visioned, if done well, can be a joy to organize. Most of all, the event can be a dress-rehersal for the next season's general election cycle. And, given the resources of who is in the area, our central locations, and the buzz of local politics starting to re-energize the city -- these events can become long-term opportunities for Phillips to make meaningful contributions with the ideas and nonprofit cash flow. Yes, these events can make money.

Let's set in motion a sponsorship for serious, in-depth, forums for full-fashioned public policy talks and gatherings for the general election cycle. I would love to be sure that the winners of the Primary Election Cycle (as well as any Indies) have plenty of opportunities to cover the issues of the day in the General Election Cycle as well. Presently, that opportunity is wide open.

The other party members need opportunities. I'd like to be "fair" in this treatment of the topics as there are plenty of great ideas that would flow between my opponent and myself.
Thanks for your interest and feedback.

Sincerely yours,
Mark Rauterkus

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