Saturday, September 27, 2003

Handout at a fall picnic

News from Mark Rauterkus
for the GOP Faithful on Sept. 27, 2003

1. The “Community Unity” event of Sept. 11 is being released for TV and WEB. Jim Roddey spoke as well as a minister and great music. If you have interests in any web site, multi-media content or live in a Community with CABLE Access TV -- please speak to me if interested in helping.

2. Ken Heiss hosted a meeting on Sept. 10 concerning the Mayor’s office in the City of Pittsburgh. I’ve got copies of my open letter that was delivered there. As meeting’s notes are made available, I’ll post them.

3. For personal reasons -- please see me if you live and have any connection to school board members or top administrators in: Fox Chapel, or Baldwin, or Mt. Lebanon.

4. A new, bold effort is about to begin with an internet utility called eVote. We’ll do far reaching opinion polls on many matters. I’d love to be certain that all sectors of our community is a part of this endeavor. My email blast list has 6,000 contacts. This can double by the end of the year. Help by attracting REGIONAL email contacts for like-minded people.

5. The Mayor’s Commission on Public Education report that hit this week is being call -- by me -- “POND SCUM.”

Those that agree or think otherwise, we are going to make a public reactions as citizens, taxpayers, voters and parents. Meeting are about to be called to coordinate public reactions. See me if you are interested.

6. FreeTeam.Org has Personal Computers for “gratis loan” to any candidate in the county of any party who desires. Web and internet consulting is included.

7. The Great Replacement RACE is Sunday. A Hash event -- for free -- is to happen after for those beer drinkers with a running problem.

8. A YOUTH Technology Summit is in being planned. This is a long-range plan that will take years to occur. Nearly 10 idea sessions have been hosted and 20 are expected for round one. We need “board members” or better expressed, “faculty members.” If interested in a role for yourself or your company -- please email. We also want to have “idea planning meetings” around the county in various settings with diverse groups.

9. Personally, I’d love to entertain invites to speak to (and with) suburban GOP Committees. I’d love to attend one of your meetings so as to look at issues and concerns shared between the city and suburban political leaders.

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