Monday, November 10, 2003

Pittsburgh ACLU Chief Legal Counsel Walczak To Debate National Patriot Act

Televised Duquesne Law Discussion

Pittsburgh, PA- Does the Patriot Act protect our civil liberties or infringe upon them? On Tuesday, November 11th, at 6:00, Pittsburgh ACLU Chief Legal Counsel Vic Walczak and Heritage Foundation Fellow Paul Rosenzweig will debate this highly contentious question at the Duquesne University School of Law. PCTV-21 will broadcast the event.

THE PATRIOT ACT: A CIVIL WAR OVER CIVIL LIBERTIES is sponsored by the law school's Federalist Society Chapter and will be moderated by former Night Talk host John McIntire. The debate, which will raise money for Habitat for Humanity via each attendee's suggested $3 donation, will take place in room 204 of the Law School before an audience of at least 120. The debate will include legal questions from law professors Margaret Krasik, Robert Barker, and Thomas Lizzi, as well as audience members.

"I want to congratulate our Federalist Society for organizing this debate on such an important topic to our nation," said Law School Dean Nicholas Cafardi, who will welcome attendees. "I am looking forward to a stimulating discussion."

"How we respond to the threat of terrorism while continuing to respect cherished civil liberties is the single most important domestic legal question facing America today," said Rosenzweig, who is flying in from Washington, DC. "Public engagement in answering that question and the Duquesne debate are vital in making sure we get the answer right."

"The ACLU appreciates the opportunity to participate in what will likely be an illuminating discussion of these important issues," added Walczak.

"If John Ashcroft is covering up nipples on statues, who knows what else he's hiding?" pondered McIntire. "There's a lot of propaganda by both sides on this issue. I'm very excited about having enough time to sort out the spin."

"We are honored that the Duquesne Law School Chapter of the Federalist Society has associated Pittsburgh Habitat with this program," said Habitat for Humanity's Maggie Withrow. "Habitat never has to debate the overwhelming need for affordable housing."

"The Patriot Act radically alters America's ideological landscape with strange bedfellows and unlikely alliances," said Duquesne Law Federalist Society President Chris Lilik. "We are pleased to provide Pittsburgh with such a stimulating and informative discussion."

Vic Walczak, ACLU Chief Legal Counsel: 412-681-7864 x21,

Paul Rosenzweig, Heritage Foundation: 202-329-9650,

John McIntire, former Night Talk Host: 412-322-1967

Maggie Withrow, Habitat for Humanity: 412-466-6716

Dean Nicholas Cafardi, Duquesne Law Dean: 412-396-6280,

Chris Lilik, Duq Law Federalist Society President: 412-261-1666,

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