Monday, December 14, 2009

$240K Needed For New South Side Dogs Park - News Story - WPXI Pittsburgh

Ken Wolf does not work for Bruce Kraus any longer.
$240K Needed For New South Side Dogs Park - News Story - WPXI Pittsburgh: $240K Needed For New South Side Dogs Park
PITTSBURGH -- South Side dogs could have a new place to play by next spring.
Ken Wolfe, chief of staff for Councilman Bruce Kraus, said the idea for a new dog park is preliminary, but Kraus is optimistic the $80,000 line item will survive the city's budget process.
The dog park would cost about $240,000 but the $80,000 allocation would pay for the fence, which is the biggest hurdle, Wolfe said.
According to Wolfe, a third of the cost would be absorbed by the city's Public Works and another third would have to be raised.
I am glad that the dogs have been removed from the traditional parks. But, there are more things that can be done for the dogs than what is being offered here.

We've got a closed park behind South Side Hospital. What about that?

Even with the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, I hate that there are more investements for sharks to swim than our kids. They've got a nice new pool. Not so much for people.

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Anonymous said...

this is the type of item you charge money for permits to use the park.

Anyway, the whole idea is silly. Just walk your dog and pick up the crap.