Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bye Fred

One of the last bits of news that would have come to Fred, the Honz Man, was that Pittsburgh Public Schools had a board meeting and is selecting to name a new school after Barack Obama. B.O. High is going to be a part of the landscape of schools.

Then Fred expired.

He died early this morning. The school name decision was made and reported upon among insiders last night.

There is some question in my realm as to if the name was just too much to bare, or bear, if you are on radio.

Wacko, not Waco, Texas, a former home town of mine, is what Fred called me.

Then Bernanke gets man of the year. OMG. Let's End the Fed. Ugh. Pittsburgh would be better served to name the International High School as the Fred Honzberger High and not Obama High.

People are outraged at the school now designated with the Obama brand. It isn't going to be accepted as it is a tragic mistake that must be corrected. Not prudent at all.

What a day to name Tiger Woods the athlete of the decade.


Anonymous said...

So sorry nobody heard your testimony or rather listened to it.

Anonymous said...

The school name sucks - the man has done zero, zip, NOTHING.

He's been handed everything, and he's not even truthful and open about his origins or educational background.

Silly fools...

Anonymous said...

Should have had "baccalaureate" in there somewhere... "Barack Obama Academy" will not have the same pull as a "Sci Tech Academy" or a "High School for Creative and Performing Arts."

Mark Rauterkus said...

Not in agreement w the "B" word. It is meaningless and too long.

Anonymous said...

BO High - so, what is the mascot going to be?

Rev. Wright?
Bill Ayers?
Or will it be that stupid Hope portrait?

Anonymous said...

The B word signals that this is a demanding school that offers the IB program. As to length- the full name of the school is something like 18 syllables! Compare that to say "Peabody High School" 5 syllables.