Sunday, February 28, 2010

Analysis: NHL needs more control in Olympics

Frozen brain logic with the Post-Gazette with Olympics, as expected.
Analysis: NHL needs more control in Olympics And it was on cable.
Bettman has pointed out that Sochi is 'eight time zones away from the Eastern time zone' as one concern about the airing of Olympic hockey in 2014, but the more pertinent question would appear to be: If NBC could not be bothered to carry a U.S.-Canada game in Sunday prime time over non-medal ice dancing, what makes anyone at the NHL think it will bother to carry any hockey from Sochi?
So, again, why go?
The only thing worse than NBC when it comes to coverage of the Olympics is the Post-Gazette.

The NHL does not need more control of Olympic hockey as the problem is not that of the Olympics nor the NHL. Rather, the problem, if there is one, is NBC.

The game was on cable. It was on. Cable is widespread. Sure, it isn't universal. But, there is more to NBC than just one TV station. To say the game was not on, except for MSNBC is to say one has a brain freeze. Games were on.

The NHL should continue to go to the Olympics. The NHL should steer clear of efforts to control the Olympic Hockey Tournament. And, if you need to pay the cable bill -- do it or else watch it elsewhere.
To grow the game?

That, too, seems to be happening on its own: USA Hockey's amateur registration is at an all-time high, rinks are popping up across the southern belt, and places like Pittsburgh no longer raise eyebrows when they produce an NHL draft pick.
Let's grow the game in Pittsburgh, in the city of Pittsburgh, here:

Let's cover this roof cave in, P-G, and the failed Request for Proposals from the city years ago too.

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