Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Athletic Ledger - Issue 2

THE ATHLETIC LEDGER FOR COACHES Quick hits on the budget-crunched world of scholastic sports
Vol. 1, Issue 2 – Dec. 22, 2010

Happy Holidays! We know coaches like you are stretching team dollars,
not just holiday gift budgets. From the intersection of scholastic
sports and money, here is this week's installment of quick-hits:

#1. L.A. School District Going Corporate

Changing times coerced the Los Angeles Unified School District Board
to change its mind about accepting corporate sponsorships, which will
create new revenue for cash-strapped athletics, arts and music
programs in the district.

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#2. Pay to Play: Necessary or Last Option?

After instituting budgetary, departmental, and positional cuts, the
Hudson (Ohio) Board of Education instituted a new pay-to-play fee that
runs $400 for high school students and $200 for middle school students
with a $1,200 cap per family.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, the Lenape Regional High School District is
charging $200 per student with a $400 cap per family, although schools
like Vineland are doing without pay-to-play for now.

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and New Jersey:

#3. Eureka! CA Fundraiser Nets $170K for School District

Thanks to its annual two-part fundraiser and online auction, the
Eureka Schools Foundation raised $170,000 to use toward offsetting its
continually declining school budget. However, the Foundation still has
one eye on the future, and anticipates needing to raise nearly
$500,000 in 2011.

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#4. Coming to the Lower 48: Alaskan All-Star Football

Having raised $50,000 to bankroll their trip, a team of 30 football
players representing the Alaska Athletic Alliance will make history on
New Year's Day when they trek to Auburn, Washington for the Tanoa
Bowl. The scheduled game between the Alaskans and a team of
Washington's best marks the first time an all-star football squad
will leave "The Last Frontier" to compete in the Lower 48.

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#5. Foreign Languages: A Reason Not to Say Au Revoir?

Although several colleges and universities are cutting their foreign
language courses and majors - including the State University of New
York at Albany and Stony Brook University (N.Y.) - a recent study
conducted by the Modern Language Association showed a 6.6% spike in
foreign language major enrollment between 2006-2009. However, this
figure lags well behind the 12.9% growth exhibited between 2002-2006.

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