Monday, May 07, 2012

Economic Liberty in Philly event with Public Banking push

Too long to post to the web here, but interesting economic moves and a movement forms.

Link to a google document.

The start of the document:

Economic Liberty From Philadelphia

By Scott Baker | OpEd News
May 4, 2012

The First Annual Meeting of the Public Banking Institute in Philadelphia provided a chance
for people to examine economic solutions, network, and just maybe, pave the way for a new
paradigm of economic justice and opportunity.

Public Banking Institute 2012 Conference by Public Banking Institute

The first annual Public Banking Institute meeting was held in Philadelphia (http:// last weekend, April 26-28, 2012.

The pre-meeting get-together of about 22 State coordinators (like me – NY), was a chance to
see how far we’ve come – 17, soon to be 18, States now have some form of public banking
bills in active status, all introduced since 2010. This is testament not only to the depths of the
economic crisis, but also to the broad realization that the old solutions – taxing, borrowing, and
even Keynesian stimulus, simply don’t work anymore. It was clear from both the Coordinators’
meeting and from the larger conference that followed, that:

A. The debt-based money system is fundamentally unsound and unsustainable, and

B. That some form of Public Bank, state-wide, or even nationally, needs to be
established to return money to, as guest speaker and Libertarian presidential candidate
Bill Still put it, “We the People.”

..... it continues

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