Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Folly of Bruce Kraus -- on the same day

Yesterday I went to Pittsburgh City Council to stand with nearly 100 other men in advance of the special day, Take a Father to School, on May 18, 2012.

While I was there, I got to see another activist friend, Jennifer E, also a PPS parent. She was there to speak about the pending 'Will of Council.'

I heard some of that conversation and took note how my member of council, Bruce Kraus, was ranting about how this generation is not going to understand home ownership as did the folks in the past. So, he is all in favor of home ownership, it seems. 

But then later the same day, at a South Side meeting, he is silent on the proposed NID. The NID is a Neighborhood Improvement District that authorizes a new tax collected from the residents and business owners on the South Side Flats. We can be paying another $500 or so in taxes a year if this passes. But, it is a tax that does NOT go to the city. It goes to this wonky group of NID folks who are fully outside the reach of GOVERNMENT, but within the reach of FORCE by TAXES. 

To me, it seems CRAZY that Bruce Kraus would be silent on the NID proposal as the NID is going to be a NEW, HUGE hardship against home ownership. Kraus seems willing to bitch at President Obama and rant so that the bankers can go to jail for the home finance ills of the past. But, Kraus is not willing to shut down the new tax on home owners. 

Once again, he is making folly and talking (or not talking) out of both ends at the same time.

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big benji said...

Hi Mark, I'm very confused about Kraus. The NID was approved and he said he would mail his decision of supporting it or not within 3 weeks. But the very next day it was reported in the post-gazette that he will not support the NID because it is an unfair burden to residents.

Why didn't he mention this at the meeting? Why did he say it would take 3 weeks for his decision when it only took one day?

Since he will not sponsor the NID, is this battle over? I sure hope so.