Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Greg's documentary is on its last day at Kickstarter

True story. Greg dove in Pittsburgh in August 1982 at Settlers Cabin when the USA Diving Nationals came to town. I was a journalist at that event on assignment for Swimming World magazine.

Greg won both the 3-meter and 10-meter events, of course. He was excellent.

A Pittsburgh Press sports reporter was at the press interview and asked Greg, "What is the difference between the 10-meter platform and the 3-meter springboard."

It was a serious question and I almost died myself -- embarrassed for that guy. Say what???

Greg said, "Well, the platform is 10-meters high and very hard. The springboard is with a bounce and just 3-meters high."

Next question.

My opinion of Pittsburgh's sports journalists has never been lower. And, I had just graduated from J-School at Ohio University some months prior.

I hope the film comes out and is a smashing success. I am sure it will be.

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