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Hear my commercial on talk radio! Bok, Atlas Snubbed

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Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Subject: Hear my commercial on talk radio!


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Date: 8/22/2012

Subject: Hear my commercial on talk radio!


Yep, I'm running radio ads for my novel, Atlas Snubbed.

They're running on Philly's new talk station, WWIQ, 106.9 FM. The station carries your typical roster of rightist pundits (Rush, Hannity, Beck, and the like) whose listeners are one of my prime target audiences (i.e., people who have read/are familiar with Atlas Shrugged), so you may notice how the spot is "somewhat" biased toward a far right audience. Yeah, well.

Despite my Toastmaster background, it was a big challenge to put the thing together. Not only did it have to employ all the tools of the trade (attention-grabbing opening, call-to-action ending, strong structure, vocal variety, tight timing, smooth flow, proper word choice, lots of emotional content, and other general speechwriting tricks), it also had to be recited by a non-Toastmaster who could put into its delivery everything I would have. So as the announcer I chose long-time broadcaster Tom Doyle (host of "The Vinyl Revolution", 8-11 PM Tuesdays on, and I coached him through dozens of takes. You tell me if you think I succeeded, but to quote my daughter Carissa, "You made him sound like you!" Too cool.

It just started running this morning, and sales are already coming in. Woo hoo! It'll be running all this week, a half dozen times a day. The schedule is below, and you can listen live at And if it pays off, I'm likely to keep on running the thing until sales begin to taper off. If you can't wait to hear it, I threw an mp3 out on the book's website at (case sensitive).

An interesting task; something else to add to the list of unusual things I'd never done before.

- Ken

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