Thursday, November 08, 2012

Soccer for the girls team, Obama Eagle Article

Posted: 05 Nov 2012 07:47 PM PST
Obama seniors Ryann Lane and Renee Eddy-Harvey have been in the soccer team since freshmen year. They have had their share of success and failures. Remaining on the soccer team for 4 years becomes a real challenge when there are disputes, arguments, and changing coaches. In their case, they have had three new coaches in 4 years.
"Junior year and senior years have been very challenging," Ryann says, "Entering into the WPIAL was different." She also added that things were more difficult in the preseason when there were no coaches; they lacked preparation, and had hardly any motivation, mentality, within the team.
In the past years, the "spirit" within the team has been constant, but changes in coaches can be a very crucial change. According to Renée, "In the first two years the coach was bonding in a way; [in] our second and last coach [it] was not apparent."
Ryann adds that this year was very different. There was more detachment within the team, less motivation or dedication, and more "slacking off", compared to freshman and sophomore years. Their first years in Obama soccer started off on a good tempo with various wins and team motivation, and because of a "steady pace with leadership".
Both the girls have agreed that their transition in soccer did not go as anticipated.  Once, the entire team was very close. But as years passed, players started to separate and a number of "disappointments" started to develop. The soccer team recently lost to Alderdice High School, who they had beaten three times before.

In the future, they plan to be more involved in soccer, such as watching and following the games through television and playing it for fun; however, they feel as though this is the last year they will be in a formal team. In college, neither of them intends to play for a team. Both agree that they would love to have a team reunion in later years.

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