Friday, November 02, 2012

Sports in New York now.

Yesterday at a public meeting with 60 people gathered to learn and support a new fitness venture of the United Way of Allegheny County, I made a statement about the Pittsburgh Marathon.

There had been some nice hype and props given to the three pro teams in town, #Steelers, #Pirates, #Penguins, as well as the #Pitt basketball teams.

I said, "The pro teams are great, but the Pittsburgh Marathon people are fantastic, and to me, with the Liberty Mile have helped as a resource 100-times more than the others."

Mark Rauterkus Should the NYC Marathon be held this Sunday? I think it should turn into a fitness run for any interested. Stopping an unofficial jog is impossible and would take more resources to stop than holding it for real. But the masses should be asked to come back for the official race in 3 weeks. Lend a hand until then, or at least get out if the way.

Mark Rauterkus Likewise, the Steelers at NY Giants NFL game presents a big problem. If possible, I'd have been trying to move that game to State College, Syracuse, or perhaps to Pittsburgh.

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