Saturday, December 08, 2012

No Saturday Practices -- still

Bad news. Too busy last week to nail down a time and place for our Saturday swim practices for the varsity boys and girls teams at Pittsburgh Obama. I heard more than a week ago that the Saturday pool permit to hold practices as denied. At first it was not permitted because the school was hosting a flea market for the band and SAT testing. Then all Saturday pool permits were denied because the custodians said the pool needs to be cleaned on Saturdays and the time from 9 to 11:30 for swimming and weight lifting was not possible.


Our season is on the rocks without Saturday practices. I'd rather have the kids for an extended Saturday time, then off on Sunday. This is a time when most don't have pressing homework.

We might be able to practice at Allderidice or Sci-Tech. 

But because of no Saturday practices, I do get to take Grant up to North Allegheny High School, where they do have clean pools, and practice there with Tiger Water Polo Club. His practice time was 8 to 10 am. There was boys basketball then a girls hoops tournament. The football team was departing for a semi-final game in Altoona and the swim team left for a swim meet in State College. 

Lots of people tell us that we should just move out of the city where there are plenty of additional opportunities for the kids on a week long and year round basis. The city has the team. But, the team can't practice. Then there is wondering why the performances of the students, overall, and the parent engagement, by-and-large, are so lackluster.

Sure, pockets of inspiration and perspiration occur among our city kids -- but -- everyone should have every opportunity to excel. The road blocks, like no Saturday practice for the swim team stink. Going to another school to practice is not a way to run a district that aims to be a "District of first choice."

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