Saturday, December 15, 2012

Some thoughts about the school shooting

D.V., on KDKA Radio, was talking about the school shooting and I posted these thoughts on Facebook.

Just listening to KDKA Radio show with D.V. Posted much of this to his wall, but since I have not sounded off on the recent school killings, here goes.

KENT STATE's trouble (4 dead in O-hi-o) had ARMED Guards at the school and THAT was the problem. School shooting. Bad scene. That is perhaps what set the course for no guns.

Pgh Public Schools has both School Security AND School Police. The police are not generally full time at any certain schools, unlike security that has regular gigs at the doors of the schools. The POLICE have guns, I think. The security does not.

A problem with paid, armed security guard(s) at schools means one less librarian, or one less school nurse, or one less teacher or 10 less crossing guards. I'd rather have 20 kids per teacher and not one grade with 40 and an armed guard.

Another situation that could unfold at a school is that the crazy gunman goes first to the armed guard and then goes on a spree without any other armed guard to thwart the rest of the killing. If armed guards were 100% insurance -- why are there still bank robbers?

Another solution: I'd much rather have working K9 at schools. Some are GUN dogs and others are DRUG dogs. We could even train the dogs at a magnet school as part of the zoo! The dogs would be a lot more affordable and would, generally, be more dependable too.

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