Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fwd: Controller Lamb wants review of decsion to close Schenley building

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From: "Concerned Citizens"
Please give Controller Lamb a thumbs up and ask your county council, city council and school board representatives to join the Controller's request.
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Sent 01/18/2013 @ 2:09 pm
PITTSBURGH - As the Pittsburgh Public Schools consider the sale of the former Schenley High School building in Oakland, City Controller Michael Lamb sent an email to Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Linda Lane and members of the School Board, asking for a review of the decision to close the former high school.
"I know the Board and staff at PPS have labored over the decision to close Schenley and the prospects for the future of the building," wrote Lamb "I am writing today to join in the suggestion that the Board should not only take its time with this decision, but also review information that has been made available since the decision to close Schenley to determine the cost effectiveness and impact on student achievement of that closure."
Bids from potential buyers and developers of the former Schenley building were due into the district today.
The Schenley High School building was closed in 2008 due to maintenance concerns and the estimated costs of repair.
This message is from Concerned Citizens who started the petition "Pittsburgh Public Schools Board of Directors: Investigate if important information about Schenley was withheld at the time of closing ," which you signed on
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