Saturday, January 05, 2013

Fwd: FIJA demonstrations at courthouses

From: Julian P Heicklen <>

Subject: FIJA demonstrations at courthouses

Hi Tyranny Fighters:

As you know, Mark Schmidter and I were arrested on the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, FL on separate occasions. We both have been convicted of criminal contempt and sentenced to several months in jail.
The case is on appeal.  The appellate court is upholding the convictions based on the argument that courthouse plazas are not public forums, so First Amendment rights are not protected.

My aim is to refute the appeals court claim with facts on the ground.  I aim to show that many, many FIJA demonstrations have occurred on both federal and county courthouse without incident, so that the court's argument fails the test of fact.

For any of you that have participated in a FIJA distribution at any courthouse, please send me the courthouse, the number,of appearances, dates of appearances to the best of your recollection, and he names of any individuals who may have participated with you.  Let me know if you were hassled by any law enforcement officers.  If so what was the outcome?

With your help, we can smother the court's claim with the facts on the ground.

Our time has come to end the anti-FIJA efforts of the government.  Please do not let this moment pass.

Yours in freedom and justice — Julian

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