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JUNE 2013

Announcing Wikispaces Campus

Wikispaces Campus is now available for your school, district, or university. Wikispaces Campus combines all the benefits of Wikispaces Classroom - collaboration, group work, classroom management, and formative assessment - with our enterprise-level services. Check it out.

Take a look

Still getting started? Take one of our video tours and get to know Wikispaces.

Wikispaces Campus and Private Label

An integrated collaborative wiki environment for your school, district, or organization. Give Wikispaces Campus or Wikispaces Private Label a try.

What's happening?

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Martin Burnett and His Wiki Journey

Martin Burnett, a Year 5/6 teacher in the UK, has been using Wikispaces for many years now and has done some wonderful things with his wiki. This month, Martin shared his wiki journey with us on our blog. If you're just getting started with wikis and are looking for some direction, or are a long-time user that loves to reminisce about the good ol' days, we encourage you to check out his adventure on our blog.

Join us for Upcoming Webinars

This month, we're running several webinars on our two new education services. Join us for a Wikispaces Classroom webinar and see how to make the most of your classroom's News Feed, Formative Assessment, and Projects. Or attend an upcoming Wikispaces Campus webinar and learn about our powerful collaboration platform for your school, district, or university. Register today.

Featured Wiki: Ramsay's Class Innovation Day

Julie Ramsay started the Ramsay's Class Innovation Day wiki in January of 2012.

1. Briefly describe your group, your wiki, and what you use it to do:

This Wikispace was created by my class of fifth grade students at Fultondale Elementary School in Fultondale, Alabama. My students celebrate an Innovation Day each year. This is a day where students are 100% in control of their learning. Each student gets to pick a topic of interest to explore on this designated day. When that day arrives, they explore the topic in the manner that they learn best, become an expert, and then synthesize their newfound knowledge into a project that they use to teach their peers about their topic. This day is completely in their control. On the photos page of the Wikispaces, you can see their progress throughout the day. You can also find all their digital projects on our wiki.

2. Besides the Edit button, which wiki feature is your favorite?

In addition to the easily used "edit" button, my students and I really like the ability to embed projects from other sites such a Voki, Prezi, ProProfs, and Animoto. In addition to embedding their projects, we also enjoy being able to easily upload audio, video, URLs, images, and PowerPoints. The flexibility that Wikispaces offers makes it one of our favorite tools to communicate and collaborate with the students' global audience.

Keep reading.

A message from James

A study from the NSSEA says that public school teachers pay an average of $485 per year out of their own pocket for school materials. Setting aside the question of how we as a society are failing teachers such that they are in this position, what does this tell us as educational technology vendors?

For us, it's very simple. We don't rely on charging teachers for our revenue. Our paid services are designed for schools, districts, and universities. The more we learn about educators the better we feel about giving them services for free, and helping the institutions they work for pay for services that make teachers more productive.

What will you do with your next wiki?

Good Idea: Write a choose your own adventure story with a few of your friends.

Bad Idea: Write a choose your own adventure story with a few of your cats.

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