Friday, July 12, 2013

Your are INVITED: 2 pm swim and fun at Ammon Rec Center Pool on Saturday and Sunday

Meet Coach Mark at the pool this weekend!

Come out for a show-off swim and water-disk games at 2 pm, this Saturday and Sunday at Ammon Rec Center Pool, Bedford Ave, Hill District.

We are looking for more game time. 
We are looking for more skill development.
We are looking for more engagement with the parents, guardians, siblings and community.
We are looking for some cross-over visits so those at the various camps sites can interact with each other.
We are looking to get cool in the summer heat.
We are looking to get stronger in the water.
We are looking for more photos, more field trips, more fun. 
We are looking to use the great, outdoor, Citiparks swim pool at Ammon and help to increase its attendance.

After Summer Dreamers ends, we'll have a giant game day at Ammon on Thursday, August 8. Then on August 9 we'll run the Liberty Mile after another all camp swim at Sue Murray. So, we're looking to have some extra events, such as this weekend. If you can come to the pool, we'll see you there. Bring your pool tag or else a few bucks for entry. 

This is "on your own. " Weather permitting, of course. Dont' go if it is raining or storming., 412-298-3432. 

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