Friday, January 03, 2014

Fwd: Schools are the biggest difference between City and Suburban life

My Message to KDKA Radio show with Brian O'Neil and John McIntire,

The hinge is KIDS. 

The opportunities for suburban kids and city students are vastly different.

Now Dr. Lane wants "FEWER SPORTS" -- and is swinging the axe and might cut varsity swimming, golf, tennis and all intramurals. 

Hippsters make babies, if you give them enough years to get it done.

Will those folks reside here and invest here for when they've got youngsters?

On most recent years, 1,000 kids DEPART the ranks of the city schools EVERY YEAR. (Last year it was closer to 350.)

That's 4 football teams, 2 marching bands, 6 water polo teams, 2 debate squads, 3 orchestras and 2 musical casts PLUS another 150 younger siblings. --- GONE --- EVERY YEAR.

We need to teach our kids how to play well with others and then spend some efforts with the people we care about.

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