Friday, January 24, 2014

We are having fun at Water Polo and wish you were there. Join us at 6 pm every Friday at the Thelma Lovette Y

We had another great session at the swim pool tonight. Adults get to learn and play water polo at 6 pm every Friday night. The game ends about 7:15 pm. If you want to swim some laps before or after, that's fine too. The Y closes at 8 pm.

This week was the third week and we had 11 players. Gave was 5 on 6. Worked out fine. The score isn't important.

Out of the 11 players, only two had been there in the past. So, nine new friends arrived. Some of the regulars were on travels and we understand -- it is the weekend. We want a drop in culture where folks can come and go without pressure. But, it would be GREAT if we had another five or six and then we'd be able to have a few subs.

Some fine athletes were in this week two. Two are 09 graduates of the US Coast Guard Academy and have had swimming experience.

Put it in your schedule. Bring a friend or come alone. We're in the water at 6. Come a bit early and check out the Y. It is new, clean, warm enough, and a wonderful asset to the city. If you work in Oakland or Downtown, you don't have an excuse.

The kids play at noon on Saturdays.

Check out our open Facebook group too: Pittsburgh Schenley Waterpolo. That's where I generally post the updates.

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