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Fwd: Victims of Coaching Sexual Abuse vs. Chuck Wielgus

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Victims of Coaching Sexual Abuse vs. Chuck Wielgus
The recent imminent induction of USA Swimming Executive Director, Chuck Wielgus, into the International Swimming Hall of Fame Class of 2014 has been the topic of a lot controversy. When the ISHOF added Wielgus to the list as an Honor Contributor in the class of 2014, set to take place at the 50th Annual Honoree Induction Ceremony on June 14th, they were met with backlash from a group of protesters known as the "Victims of Coaching Sexual Abuse" in conjunction with the Women's Sports Foundation. 
The Victims of Coaching Sexual Abuse have submitted a formal petition and request to the ISHOF to change it's mind in regard to the Induction of Wielgus. The group and it's supporters feel that the current Executive Director doesn't deserve to be inducted due to his gross mishandling of USA Swimming's involvement in the sexual abuse scandals that have come to light in his term as Executive Director. 
This is a topic of concern in the community of USA Swimming and all evidence should be considered. Information regarding the case can be found using the links below.
To view the materials that the Women's Sports Foundation wrote on the matter, CLICK HERE
To view USA Swimming's response to the protest in defense of Wielgus, CLICK HERE
If you would like to support the Victims of Coaching Sexual Abuse in their effort to rescind Chuck Wielgus' Hall of Fame nomination, SIGN PETITION HERE
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