Monday, September 15, 2014

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Date:   September 15, 2014

To:       CWPA Membership

From:   Daniel Sharadin, Commissioner


Team Leader,


It is not often I write a letter like this, but I would like to bring to your attention an opportunity to help recognize a former CWPA water polo player.


The Army Water Polo Club is attempting to get their pool named after John Hallett, a former water polo player at the academy that was killed in Afghanistan a few years ago when his vehicle contacted an IED. He was on his way to help a village deal with their cholera outbreak.


I met John during his first year at West Point when he contacted me about getting the team active once again. I was incredibly impressed with his leadership and organizational skills and with minor assistance, watched him move the club from inactivity to a competitive team. During this process he had to overcome some significant challenges, not the least of which is Army bureaucracy and his own military schedule. West Point is not your typical college environment.


John not only prevailed, he helped establish the team financially into the future and made them a contender to win their division before graduating. He was a perfect example of the type of individual the Academy desires, one who will see a challenge and in spite of the obstacles, figure out a solution and succeed.


When I hear of the loss of an athlete in the water polo community, it always saddens me. In John's case it comes much closer to home as I knew him and his family personally. I believe the sacrifice he gave for his country and the effort he gave to our sport and conference deserve some recognition and I'd love to see this happen.


If you agree, click on the link below and sign the petition. Likewise, feel free to forward it to others that might feel the same.


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