Sunday, May 31, 2015

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I don't have any idea how many of you who receive my e-mail missives actually bother to read them, but in this instance I urge you to read the attachment; or, at least, watch the videos below.  It is a post in support of Bernie Sanders' campaign, but that is not why I think you should read it.  In fact I'm not even convinced that I could support Bernie; which, at the moment, leaves me with no one to support in the next presidential farce.  However, the posting is still worth reading and more importantly it contains links to two videos (found at the end of the post) and an additional link which follows from the second video link (also at the end).

Early this month I sent you an e-mail urging you to check out the Move to Amend organization in its efforts to overturn the Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court decision by developing sufficient support to pass a Constitutional amendment to that effect.  After some more investigation I began to question the methodology of the Move to Amend folks (but not their zeal and sincerity) as they were generally uninterested in any effort to communicate or cooperate with conservatives who might also share their goal.  My disagreement with them was tactical and not strategic – but I believe that the tactic of ignoring conservative support will prove to be fatal to this important effort.  I came to the conclusion that Public Citizen, which has the same goal, is better positioned to have impact on this issue; but I don't in any way dismiss the efforts of Move to Amend.

This evening, as a result of one of the videos in the attached posting, I have become aware of another organization the tactics of which I believe are much more likely to result in substantive change in the current political morass.  It is known as Represent.Us (www.Represent.Us)  I find it particularly interesting because its strategy is long-term, grass-roots based and focuses on building up from local action to state and finally to the national level.  As most of us understand, the level of corruption of the current political process at the national level is almost total and is not likely to be altered by a direct assault as the forces of corporate neoliberalism infused and backed by big money interests has gained effective control of all of the levers of political power in this nation.  As the group's Director, Josh Silver, says in the video link (see below and in the post) the ideas and policies enforced by BIG money interests does not represent the interests of the great majority of Americans, including a majority of conservatives.  And Represent.Us wants to galvanize American citizens (we are not just consumers as the neoliberal mantra would have us be) to establish anti-corruption laws first in the cities, then in the states and finally at the federal level.  As he states in the video this can all be accomplished without a constitutional amendment and has already succeeded in Tallahassee, Florida with active campaigns in numerous other cities around the nation.

I strongly urge you, if you do nothing else, to watch the videos and, if it intrigues you, check out Represent.Us to see what you think.  The video of Elizabeth Warren is really interesting.  It's obvious that someone, prior to the commencement of the video really set her off – a rare show of outrage with the status quo that wonderfully refreshing in the languid world of power politics in America.

Elizabeth Warren fired up!!!                  
Corruption is Legal in America video:   
Represent.Us video:                               
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