Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fwd: Pittsburgh Water Polo at the Cincinnati Shoot-Out Videos on You Tube (some of the Games0

Pittsburgh Water Polo

I have uploaded to YouTube some of the Games for the 18U Boys (A & B) from the Cincinnati Tournament for viewing. I was not able to get the Girls games + I missed some of the other Boys games as well (as explained below).


Filmed and Uploaded:


Championship Game for 18U-B Team: Tiger (17) vs. WindyCity Chicago (6)


Game #2 - 18U-A Team: Tiger (10) vs. WindyCity Chicago (5) - Charles Ross is outstanding in the Goal.


Game #3 - 18U-A Team: Tiger (22) vs. Lincoln-way Area Waterpolo (6)


Game #5 - 18U-A Team: The last 2:32 minutes of 4th Quarter - I was able to capture (with the other memory card) the final few minutes of this game with Charles Ross and Cam Makin climbing out of the pool after the win. It was the last game the guys would ever play for the Tiger.


With only about 3 minutes left in the Championship Game #5, the Camera overheated and shut down. I quickly switched memory cards and placed the overheated card on the ledge overlooking the Pool. I then got distracted and forgot to pick up the memory card at the U of C Pool. It is sickening not to have those (2) last Games on film.


Missing Games due to lost Memory Card:

Game #4 - 18U-A Team: Tiger (16) vs. St. Xavier (7)

Game #5 - 18U-A Team: Tiger (17) vs. WindyCity Chicago (7)


Partially Filmed & Not Uploaded:

Game #1 - 18U-A Team: Tiger (16) vs. Upper Arlington (3)

Best Regards, Bill Anthony in Erie, PA

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