Sunday, July 19, 2015

Phone message script

This is Coach Mark with Summer Dreamers water polo.

I'm calling to the homes of the students who are with us at Camp Langley with Summer Dreamers.

Housekeeping first: Thanks for taking this call. If nobody at this phone number has any kids in our water polo program – I appoligize for the call and if you PRESS #1 on your phone, I'll kindly remove this phone # from this summer's call list.

Good news: At camp, we are making progress. Most have made great strides in fitness, running and swimming.

Bad news: Some of the behaviors with some of the students at the pool, in the locker areas and especially at transition times have been making un-necessary burdens to other students, the staff and even the lifeguards. I'm heartbroken to see some of the kids fighting. Camp behaviors need to improve or else we run the risk of getting expelled from taking our squads to the pools.

Guardians, please take a moment to talk about good behaviors within the activities and throughout the school day. We are stressing LISTENING, playing well with others and good sportsmanship.

Extra news: The Liberty Mile is approaching. Plus, we have EVENING swim sessions and will be holding extra practices AFTER Summer Dreamers ends. Come for a swim on the Northside on Mondays and Wednesdays, or Mt. Washington on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the Hill District YMCA on Fridays. We need all the paperwork for the race entry right away. A new handout is expected to be sent home tomorrow.

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